Meet our team.

Our firm was started in the 1980s by founders passionate about scaling businesses in the U.S. and U.K. Since then, we have built a diverse team that can provide businesses with investment, operational and entrepreneurial expertise to help them scale.


Head of Talent

James Adams

Compliance and Legal Associate

Susan Adelegan

Investment Manager

Carrie Babcock

Investment Manager

Emma Biasiolo


William Blake III


Ben Bernstein

Investment Associate

Piotr Bukanski

HR & Operations Manager

Natalie Conlon

Front of House & Office Assistant

Siobhan Dowd

Finance Assistant

Amealia Duckenfield

Director of Fund Finance

Maria Durkan

Investment Manager

Luke Edis

Executive Assistant to Malcolm Moss and Stuart Veale

Marette Edwards


Shane Elliott

Partner and General Counsel

Vanessa Evanson-Goddard

Managing Partner

Michael Gross

Head of Corporate Accounting

Sarah Harding


Iain Jacob

Business Development Manager

Serjei Kalirai


Eyal Malinger

Investor Relations Manager

Kate Mansfield

Chief Investment Officer

Karen McCormick

Founding Partner

Malcolm Moss

Marketing Specialist

Kelly O'Donnell

Sales Manager

Anne O'Loughlin

Marketing & Office Coordinator

Sarah Petersmarck

Sales and Marketing Associate

Teodora Petkova

Director of Marketing & Communications

Henry Philipson


James Platt

Founding Partner

Charles Rothstein

Investment Manager

Mark Shepherd

Director, Operations; CCO

Leslie Shipley

Senior Adviser

Mark Taylor

Investment Manager, Portfolio

Harry Thomas

Managing Partner

Stuart Veale


Maria Wagner

Investment Director

Andrew Webster

Fund Accountant

Joe Winstanley